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Stories of Kansas and the Great Plains
Kansas Tall Tales audio CD - Three Rousing Prairie Adventures, read by the author

Kansas Tall Tales CD cover image     Johnny Kaw - The Pioneer Spirit of Kansas
    Kansas Katie - A Sunflower Tale
    Twister Twyla - The Kansas Cowgirl
    All three read by author Jerri Garretson, with author notes.
    Total playing time is 53 minutes.
    $9.95 plus shipping (and sales tax if ordered in Florida)
    See mailorder form here
    For now, this CD is only available direct from Ravenstone Press.
Jerri Garretson is not only an author, she is an experienced performer and storyteller.  Her spirited reading of these tales will bring them to life.
Note:  You may still be able to purchase print copies of the original picture books of Johnny Kaw and Kansas Katie through Kansas Originals, the Riley County Museum store, or in the bookstores in Manhattan, Kansas.  Twister Twyla is still in print and available from all our sources. See this page for links to some of those sources. 

Now there is a new print anthology containing all three tall tales: Kansas Tall Tales

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Last Updated February 20, 2008