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Kansas sunflower photo The Kansas State Flower
The State Flower of Kansas is the wild native sunflower.  So what do they really look like?  These are not the giant one-bloom-to-a-stalk garden variety.  The photo above shows one flower close up.  Note that in comparison to the giant hybrids, the center is smaller.  In fact, the whole bloom is smaller and the stalks are thinner, though they do grow just as tall. 

Do they really bloom in a thicket so dense that a yellow cat could hide in them.  Yes!  The photos below were taken west of Manhattan, Kansas, along the road toward Keats, in September.  It's where the line in Kansas Katie, "The September prairie glowed with the light of them," came from.  Photos copyright Jerri Garretson.

Click on the picture above to see it a little larger.

Click on the picture above to see it a little larger.

Is this what you thought sunflowers all loooked like? 
This is a field of hybrid sunflowers raised as a crop.
It was taken in western Kansas during the month of August.

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