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Stories of Kansas and the Great Plains
Johnny Kaw- The Pioneer Spirit of Kansas
Kansas Katie - A Sunflower Tale
Twister Twyla - The Kansas Cowgirl
Kansas Tall Tales - A Special Tenth Anniversary Anthology
Extending Johnny Kaw, Kansas Katie and Twister Twyla in the library and classroom
Tall Tale Read-Aloud Bibliography
Familiar Tales
Cohen, Caron Lee.
Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett
    1985.  Greenwillow, 40 p.  : col.  ill.
    Sally Ann, wife of Davy Crockett, isn't afraid of anything.  She proves it when Mike
    Fink tries to scare her.
Dewey, Adriane.
The Narrow Escapes of Davy Crockett
   1990.  Greenwillow, 48 p.  : col.  ill.
   Recounts the wild adventures of Davy Crockett.
Emberley, Barbara.
The Story of Paul Bunyan
    1994.  Simon & Schuster, (unpaged) : col. ill. 
    Paul Bunyan, the mighty lumberjack, clears Iowa and Kansas of trees, digs the
    Mississippi River, and performs other deeds.
Gleiter, Jan, 1947-
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox
1985.  Rand McNally, 32 p.  : col.  ill. 
    Recounts tales of the famous logger from birth through logging, and from South Dakota
    to California.
Keats, Ezra Jack.
John Henry: an American Legend
    1965.  Pantheon, (unpaged) : col.  ill.
Kellogg, Steven.
Johnny Appleseed :   a Tall Tale
    1988.  Morrow, (unpaged) : col.  ill. 
    John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed), loved nature, was kind to animals, and showed
    physical fortitude.
Mike Fink : a Tall Tale
    1992.  Morrow, [40] p.  : col.  ill.
    Mike Fink's deeds as the frontiersman who became King of the Keelboatmen on the
Paul Bunyan, a Tall Tale
    1984.  Morrow,  [40] p. : col. ill.
Pecos Bill: a Tall Tale
    1986.  Morrow, 40 p.  : col.  ill.
    The life of Pecos Bill, from his childhood with the coyotes to his marriage.
Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett : a Tall Tale
    1995.  Morrow,  (unpaged) : col. ill.
    Sally Ann, Davy Crockett's wife, is fearless despite Mike Fink's attempts to frighten
Lester, Julius.
John Henry
    1994.  Dial, (unpaged) : col.  ill. 
    Recounts the story of the African American legend who raced against a steam drill to
    cut through a mountain.
Sanfield, Steve.
A Natural Man : the True Story of John Henry
    1986.  D.R.  Godine, 48 p.  : ill.
    The story of the steel driving man in the early days of the railroads, when he challenged
    the steam hammer .
Small, Terry.
The Legend of John Henry
    1994.  Doubleday, [32] p.  : col.  ill. 
    The legendary railroad steel driver matches his strength and speed against the steam
The Legend of Pecos Bill
    1992.  Bantam, (unpaged) : col.  ill.
    Verse version of the tall tale cowboy's life.
New or Less Familiar Tall Tales
Dewey, Ariane.
Febold Feboldson
    1984.   Greenwillow Books,  48 p. : col. ill. 
    A Nebraska farmer conquers cyclones, blizzards, fog, and grasshoppers.
Filinger, George A.
The Story of Johnny Kaw: the Kansas Pioneer Wheat Farmer
    Rev. ed., 1955, 1969.  Manhattan, KS : Manhattan Mercury.  Self-published.  Out of
    print.  Originally written for adults but full of lots of good storytelling material.
Garretson, Jerri.
Johnny Kaw: the Pioneer Spirit of Kansas (out of print, February 2006, see Kansas
    Tall Tales))
    1997.  Ravenstone, (32 pages) : ill.
    Larger-than-life Johnny Kaw creates the land of Kansas by lopping off the tops of hills,
    digging the riverbeds, planting wheat, and creating the pioneer trails.
Garretson, Jerri.
Johnny Kaw : The Pioneer Spirit of Kansas, Color Edition 2011.
    2011.  Ravenstone, (32 pages) : col. ill., photos.
    Larger-than-life Johnny Kaw creates the land of Kansas by lopping off the tops of hills,
    digging the riverbeds, planting wheat, and creating the pioneer trails. Includes new
    intenet resources and photos of Johnny Kaw's original creators.
Kansas Katie - A Sunflower Tale (out of print, November 2005, see Kansas Tall Tales)
     2000.  Ravenstone.  (48 pages) : ill.
     Kansas Katie makes the prairie bloom and makes Kansas the Sunflower State.
Kansas Tall Tales - A Special Tenth Anniversary Anthology
     2008. Ravenstone. (106 pages) : Ill
     Contains Johnny Kaw, Kansas Katie, Twister Twyla, and all original illustrations as
     well as resource and background material.
Twister Twyla - The Kansas Cowgirl
     2003.  Ravenstone.  (32 pages) : ill.
     As a tiny tot, Twyla loved the wind.  As she grows older, she rides dust devils, and
     then tornadoes, in the rodeo career of the century.
Isaacs, Anne.
Swamp Angel
    1994.  Dutton, (unpaged) : color ill. 
    Tennessee tall tale giant Angelica Longrider, also known as Swamp Angel, wrestles a
    huge bear, known as Thundering Tarnation.
Ketteman, Helen.
Heat Wave 
    1998.  (unpaged) : color ill.
    It's so hot that strange tall tale happenings are afoot in  Kansas.  Corn popping in the
    fields and more.
Shepard, Aaron.
The Legend of Slappy Hooper: an American Tall Tale
    1993.  Scribners, (unpaged) : col.  ill.
    Slappy Hooper, the world's biggest, fastest, and best sign painter, gets in trouble
    because of his all-too-realistic signs.
Longer Tall Tales and Tall Tale Collections
There are many wonderful old and new tall tale collections.  These are only a small selection.
Bird, E. J.
Chuck Wagon Stew
    1988.  Carolrhoda, 72 p.  : ill.
     Collection of tall tales from the Old West.
Ten Tall Tales
    1984.  Carolrhoda, 56 p.  : ill.  (some col.) 
    Ten Western tall tales.
Cober, Mary Elizabeth.
Remarkable History of Tony Beaver, West Virginian
    1953.  McKay, 141 p.
    Stories of a great logging hero in the South.
Felton, Harold W., 1902-
John Henry and His Hammer
    1950.  Knopf, 82 (3) p.  : ills.
    Includes "A John Henry ballad"
New Tall Tales of Pecos Bill
    1965, c1958.  Prentice-Hall, 164 p.  : ill.
Sergeant O'Keefe and His Mule, Balaam
    1962.  Dodd. 
    Tall tales supposedly related by a Sergeant O'Keefe, who was once in charge of a
    weather station on the top of Pike's Peak.
Garretson, Jerri, 1947 -
Kansas Tall Tales - A Special Tenth Anniversary Anthology
     2008.  Ravenstone Press, 106 pages: ill.
     Contains full text and illustrations of Garretson's three tales: Johnny Kaw - The Pioneer
     Spirit of Kansas, Kansas Katie - An Sunflower Tale, and Twister Twyla - The Kansas
     Cowgirl, plus resource materials, book lists, websites, and more.
McCormick, Dell J.
Paul Bunyan Swings His Axe
    1948, 1936.  Caxton, 111 p. : ill.
Malcolmson, Anne Burnett.
Mister Stormalong
    1952.  136 p.
    Tales of the mighty seaman, Stormalong.
Osborne, Mary Pope.
American Tall Tales
    1991.  Knopf, 115 p.  : col.  ill.
    Tall tales about American folk heroes such as Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind
    Crockett, Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Paul Bunyan.
San Souci, Robert D.
Cut From the Same Cloth : American Women of Myth, Legend, and Tall Tale
    1993.   Philomel, 140 p.  : ill.
    Twenty stories about legendary American women from folktales, popular stories, and
Larger Than Life : the Adventures of American Legendary Heroes
    1991.  Doubleday, 59 p.  : col.  ill.
    Four short tales about such American heroes as John Henry, Old Stormalong, Sluefoot
    Sue, and Paul Bunyan.
Shapiro, Irwin.
Tall Tales of America
    1958.  Golden Press, 124 p.  : ill.
    Tales of Pecos Bill, Anthony and the Mossbunker,  Stormalong,  Johnny Appleseed,
    Davy Crockett, "the Yaller Blossom o' the forest," Sam Patch, Paul Bunyan, John
    Henry, Joe Magarac
Walker, Paul Robert.
Big Men, Big Country : a Collection of American Tall Tales
    1993.  Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 79 p.  : col.  ill.
    American tall tales of characters such as Davy Crockett, Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill.
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